Countries Where Women Pay The Dowry of Men Before Marriage

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Dowry: There are Countries where women pay dowries of men before marriage

Difference between Dowries and Bride Price

Dowry is given by a bride’s father to the groom’s family in the name of gifts suitable for the newly-wed couple.

On the other hand, bride price is the money that the bride’s father obtains from the groom’s family in exchange of their daughter.

List of some of the most popular countries where women have to pay dowries of men before marriage;

1. Australia

Though not common anymore like before, Traditional Australian families pay dowries to the groom’s family.

2. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka the Bride’s family pays dowry to the groom’s family for their daughter to get married.

3. Nepal

Brides in Nepal pay the dowries of their husband as part of the customary wedding procedure for a successful marriage.

4. India

Though payment of dowry is illegal in India but it is still a common illegal practice among Indians.

The girl has to pay the dowry to the groom and his family for a successful wedding process.

5. Kenya

There have to be a successful dowry payment, before the man is allowed to keep the girl as his wife from that day forward.

This is called a custom marriage. Custom marriages are not recognized as legal in Kenya, and therefore, most Christian couples plan a church wedding after the dowry has been paid.

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