3 Tribes Where The Husband and Children Dies If The Wife Commit Adultery

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Adultery: Before a man from an ethnic group decide to marry a woman from another ethnic group, there is every need for the man to make thorough research about the woman, most importantly about her culture and traditions.

The same thing goes to the woman so that you don’t end up marrying someone from a tradition you can not abide by.

Many men are late today not because they grew old but because the activities of their wife led them to their early grave. This is why you need to be careful when choosing a spouse.

For that reason, I bring to you threr tribes in Nigeria among others that forbids Adultery and as such punish offenders and family severally.

1. Isoko

2. Urhobo

Isoko and Urhobo are two tribes from Delta State Nigeria. Their culture forbids a Married woman from committing adultery as it’s penalty is so grievous to bear.

If you commit Adultery in these parts, you will receive a curse known as Ishi/Ishia Ishi Confession of Infidelity.

In as much as the curse is deadly, it has rules among which are;


a) For the curse to affect the woman who Committed the adultery, her husband must be either Urhobo, Isoko or from any community in Anioma like Ogwashi-Uku, Ukwuani, Enu-Ani, Ika And Aboh.

b) This only works on the condition that the woman is legally married and her bride price paid.

c) If the husband is not aware of the crime Committed by his wife, It won’t affect him but once he is aware and tries to cover her up, he will be affected and die if the gods are not appeased.

d) If it happens that the woman who cheated is Married to an Isoko or Urhobo man, Her Children would begin to fall sick and begin to die including herself if she didn’t confess.

The bottom line is that, if you are an Urhobo or Isoko man and your wife Commit Adultery, stop eating her food untill she confess and appease the gods if not you and your children might die.

3. Idoma

Idoma is a tribe is Benue State who also have a deity that deals with infidelity in Marriage.

In Idoma kingdom just like the Isoko and Urhobo, when a legally married woman commits adultery, the repercussion is on her husband and children including herself.

The rules are almost the same with that of the previous discussed tribes. If the Husband is ignorant of the crime, nothing would happen to him if he eats his wife’s food but the moment he is aware and decided to let go without appeasing the gods, he dies if he accepts any food from the woman.

As for the children, they don’t need to know before it affects them. If their mother commit Adultery and cook for them to eat, death awaits them.

The only solution is for the wife to confess and appease the gods before peace can reign. That’s it my people.

Tell me about your tribe, do you have any tradition of such?

Most churches today discourage the act of appeasing the gods which most times lead to the death of many. Do you think it’s right to avoid appeasing the gods and just forgive as a Christian?

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