Countries Where Christianity and The Bible Is Banned

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Practicing Christianity as a religion is prohibited in some countries around the world today. In fact, some countries have made it illegal to practice Christianity.

Listed below are the top three countries where it is unlawful to practice Christianity as a religion.

The three countries in question are as follows: North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan.

The countries listed above are not the only ones where Christians are persecuted, but they are the ones where the Christian religion is most opposed. In North Korea for instance, their leader is the one who does not tolerate other religious practice especially Christianity.

North Korea and its leader are well-known for their harshness; nonetheless, they are one of the world’s most powerful countries, and research have revealed that hundreds of Christians in North Korea have gone missing since the 1990s, according to reports.

Somalia and Afghanistan are two Muslim countries in which the practice of Christianity is either illegal or outlawed. A Christian in Somalia will have to go unnoticed, or else he or she will be killed if their true identity is found by the local authorities. Afghanistan has anti-Christian legislation, however unlike the other two countries, there are still Christians and churches operating in the country.

The fact that we are in our country and openly serving God is a gift, as other Christians in other parts of the world find it difficult to serve God openly. As a result, we should recognize and express gratitude to God for the freedom we enjoy in our country.

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One Reply to “Countries Where Christianity and The Bible Is Banned”

  1. All that freedom will cease should we make a mistake in the forthcoming elections. Should a Tinubu or Atiku be elected you can kiss religious freedom goodbye. My pain is that African christians are unnecessarily liberal and overtly docile. Turkey is an example of what can happen in Nigeria if we don’t take proactive steps to safeguard our freedom of religious worship.We need to become positively violent. God will not come down here to fight for us.
    Life is a battle . Freedom is costly. It’s time we stood up to be counted.
    Tell our Daddy G.Os and Senior Pastors to stop the spirit of denomination.It breeds division. The people of the other faith capitalize on it.

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