2 Mistakes of young men that result to poverty.

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Poverty: Sometimes people exhibit certain attitudes without considering the comeuppance of their attitudes.

As a young man aspiring to achieve great purpose and attain a great height in life, you must be wise enough not to make mistakes which may have negative effects on you and make you fall into poverty in the future.

There are two (2) obvious mistakes of young men which result to poverty:

1. Failure to plan at the young age:

when you do not make proper plans about your life on time, it will definitely bounce back on you at a later stage.

A lot of people are poor today because they did not plan their life on time.

Some men spend their young age engaging in vainglorious activities which yield nothing eventually and however, spend the rest if their life in frustration.

When you make plans about your life at a young age, it would prepare you for responsibilities ahead and enable you overcome subsequent challenges.

2. Failure to accept responsibilities on time:

it is egregious that a lot of young men do not have responsibilities at all, some of them still depend on their parents for survival.

At a certain age, a man is expected to have some responsibilities. Taking up responsibilities as a man will enable you to become independent in life and seek means to attain financial stability which will drive away poverty.

But when you depend on your parents to cater for you, you will keep nurturing the mindset that you are still a boy.

You should also know that what make you a man are your responsibilities. Therefore, you should not be afraid to take up responsibilities; to take up responsibilities comes with its own maturity.

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