Meet The Mandi Tribe Where Fathers Marry Their Own Daughters – See Shocking Reason

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The world is filled with a lot of different tribe. Each tribe has it’s own culture and tradition. The vast variety of tribes also have their own specific customs and beliefs. These customs and beliefs is what shapes an individual’s way of life.

However, some tribe’s customs and beliefs might come with strange and confusing practices, but the people still practice due to adaptation. Regardless of some confusing customs some tribes practice, the joy and togetherness it provides cannot be overemphasized.

The Mandi tribe live in a small remote village in Bangladesh. They are known for practicing a bizarre tradition where daughters are married off to their fathers at a very young age. This unusual tradition is only practiced by the mandi tribe which is why many people usually find it a bit disgusting.

The bestowment of a daughter to her father is usually done when the girl is 2 – 3 years old. Some of them grow up without even knowing they are to marry their father. The Mandi tribe usually organize a colorful wedding when they are marrying a daughter off to her father.

Although, the tradition is said to have died down ever since Catholic priests settled down in the area. It was gathered that Catholic priests have managed to convert 90% of the population but there are rumors of some people who still practice it.

Apart from the father and daughter marriage, the Mandi tribe is also known for practicing another bizarre tradition known as “Groom Kidnapping”. This is another custom where Mandi women kidnap their potential husband.

What’s your take on the Mandi tribe tradition?

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