If FG Doesn’t Meet With ASUU Demand They Will Be Met With The Same Protest Done In Sri-Lanka – NLC

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The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) had a nationwide protest where they protested against the ongoing ASUU strike in Nigeria.

The NLC promised the federal government that they are not gonna stop protesting until the requests of the ASUU are met.

They also said that the protest going on is not gonna be a child’s play, they are pretty serious about it and if the government doesn’t meet the demands of the ASUU, the kinda protest that happened in Sri Lanka will also happen here in Nigeria (Aso Rock precisely).

They said that the protest is a warning call to the Federal government and if they are wise, they are not supposed to ignore it but do something about the issue immediately.

There’s a possibility that the protesters can invade Aso Rock the way it happened in Sri Lanka and they are very ready to do that to show the Federal government that they are not playing about the matter of the ASUU strike.

It was reported that the NLC embarked on the protest in several cities and towns in Nigeria and the strike is gonna keep on going until the federal government does something about the ASUU strike going on in Nigeria.

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