11 Ways To Build Muscles Without Lifting Weights

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Are you like me who wants to get the biggest muscle in the world without lifting weights constantly? If so, then let’s move to the simple side!

Many people think that the only way to get big muscles is by lifting those heavy metals that they call ‘weights’, but that is far from the truth. To be frank with you, you can get amazing muscles by just engaging in the simple workouts that you enjoy daily.

Today we will be looking into some exercises that can make your muscles big without weightlifting.

Without wasting much of your time, below are 14 simple workouts that can help you to build your muscles without lifting the damned weights!

1. Swimming

I know that this sounds kind of strange to most of you here. But don’t forget that almost all the parts of your body move while swimming.

An important thing to know about swimming is that your arms and legs perform loads of work in the process. Your arm will help you to steer forward while your leg will propel you alongside your arms.

Your arms and legs muscles will expand and contract rapidly when you are accelerating forward inside water. This constant expansion and contraction will lead to a gradual increase in the size and structure of your muscle.

Below are some swimming tips to help you build your muscles fast through swimming.

Eat well; swimming just like other exercises requires eating healthy and balanced diets.

Avoid eating junk foods, and try to stay far away from sugar and refined foods.

Always bear in mind that good food is essential for fast recovery and replenishment of worn-out tissues.

Be Consistent and determined; Every milestone we want to achieve in this world needs determination and consistency.

Getting awesome muscles is our goal for now, and swimming is one of the ways to get what we want. Being consistent in your swimming routines will surely give you what you want fast. Going for a swim at least 3-5 times a week will perform some wonders in your body.

Vary your techniques; maintaining the same swimming routine for weeks can be great but it’ll not do a lot in your body.

Try to check out some other swimming techniques like constantly changing your swimming strokes. You can increase your swimming pace and the length of the swim.

Focus on the main body parts separately; just like in weightlifting, you can focus on your arm while swimming today and focus on your legs the next day.

You will be making a lot of progress if you continue like this for about three months.

2. Consume more proteinous food

I just imagine what some dudes who want to build their muscles are thinking about when they continue consuming foods that are full of fats.

This is just like pouring water inside a basket because all your efforts are just bouncing back.

Consume more proteinous foods, stay away from fatty foods – at least for now.

Some good sources of proteins include eggs, chicken, turkey, and the host of them.

Below are key benefits of proteins in muscle building

Protein increases the rate of metabolism; the energy needed for the digestion of food (thermic effect of food) is higher in protein than in foods like carbohydrates and fats.

Replacing these two nutrients with proteins can help you to lose fat and be very fit for any type of exercise.

Protein is needed for muscle maintenance; Athletes with big muscles are always advised to eat foods that are rich in proteins to maintain their muscle and prevent it from wasting.

This is still applicable to you that is still building your muscle because it will ensure stability in the mass and structure of your muscle as you progress.

Protein Aids with Muscle Recovery and Growth; protein helps in the repair of worn-out muscles as much as it helps in preventing its breakdown.

Adequate intake of proteins and regular exercises can do wonders in the area of muscle growth and strengthening.

3. Cycling

Apart from swimming, cycling is another thing that can help you to develop amazing muscles fast. Many people have used this method and it worked perfectly fine.

You don’t have to be a professional bicycle rider before you can partake in this type of exercise. Some cycling equipment is immobile and can be performed indoors.

Below are some effective cycling tips for beginners.

Start small; Always bear in mind that you’re a beginner. Don’t try to impress people by pedaling at a great pace. Just start for like 5-10 minutes. You gradually increase it at this point.

Endurance is important; learn how to stay calm and steady while cycling. We all enjoy resting, but believe me, resting amid strenuous exercise like cycling can yield poor results.

This is simply because most of us will likely get tired during this resting period. I guess it only happens to me.

4. Engage in other bodybuilding exercises

There are so many bodybuilding exercises that can help you to develop muscles without lifting any weight.

The most important thing about these simple workouts is that you don’t even need any equipment for a start. You can carry out most of the workouts right inside your room.

Below are other simple exercises that you can engage in if you want to get awesome muscles fast.

Squats; squatting is one of the best ways to build the muscles in the leg region.

This type of exercise is highly effective and can easily be carried out right inside your room.

No equipment is needed, it all depends on your choice and determination!

Dips; This is simply one of the easiest ways to get those incredible muscles that you want! Bodybuilding coaches like Charlie Johnson, recommend this type of exercise for arm building in one of his talks with Men’s Health.

Push-Ups and Pull-Ups; Push ups and pull are the two most effective ways to build the muscles in the upper part of the body.

Starting in push-ups and pull-ups can be very stressful and strenuous, but believe me, you will be comfortable at it within a week of dedicated practice.

Sit-Ups and Crunches; I don’t think there’s any other better way for building the abdominal muscles from crunches.

This is simply because other parts of the body are being developed as well. Tons of fats are being burned in this process.

Do you know that many calories are burned even while resting after sit-ups and crunches? So don’t waste any more time, just get used to sit-ups and crunches.

5. Running

You can easily get incredible arm and leg muscles if you are the type that enjoys running a lot.

Many fitness coaches recommend running as the most effective muscle-building exercise to follow.

Below are some effective running tips for muscle development

Change the intensity of your runs; I know that you want to acquire those awesome muscles very fast, but that doesn’t mean that you should overwork yourself or risk getting injured.

You can always start running at a slower pace and then increase it later. Many fitness coaches advised that you should sprint for a minute and jog for three.

Sprinting alone will quiver fibers and enlarge the size of your muscle.

Run in different terrains; Don’t just jog/sprint on smooth and straight roads.

Try running up and down mountains or even hills. The idea here is that you will put in a lot of energy while climbing, leading to rapid loss of fats and even weight.

Rest is needed; don’t overwork your body tissues! Always try to get a rest when you feel tired, but don’t do it too often.

Resting is needed more if you’re on interval running mode, so be sure to rest.

6. Yoga

Yoga does not make you only fit, it can also help you to get those killer muscles that you wanted.

This type of exercise has grown rapidly for years. The surprising thing about this sport is that it can be enjoyed both by men, women, and even children. The benefits that yoga offers are insurmountable.

Before we proceed, below are some other benefits of yoga

Yoga helps with faster back pain relief; one of the reasons why many physicians encourage people with chronic back pain to engage in yoga is because it helps in the faster relief of pains.

Cat-Cow Pose is the type of yoga that is recommended for back pain relief. You can perform the Cat-Cow Pose by simply placing your palms below your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.

The first thing to do after this arrangement is to inhale, as you free your stomach to drop down towards the floor.

Then, breathe out as you draw your navel towards your spine, bowing your spine like a cat stretching.

Yoga maintains heart health; Dedicated and committed yoga practice can drastically reduce the chance of getting any heart-related diseases, thereby maintaining optimum health of the heart.

The type of yoga that helps better at maintaining a healthy heart is known as Downward Dog Pose, you can check it out on Youtube to get a better view of how it is being done.

Yoga gives greater relaxation, and better sleep; Numerous researches have shown that a consistent sleep therapy yoga routine can help you to relax and sleep better.

The best type of yoga for this greater relaxation is the Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose.

This can simply be done by sitting with the left side of your body against a wall, then gently turning right and a gradual lift of the legs to rest against the wall, keeping your back down on the floor and your sitting bones near the wall.

Just try to maintain that same position for 5 to 15 minutes.

Yoga can give you a brighter mood and more energy; This fact is backed by the National Institutes of Health.

Yoga can help you to develop healthy habits like mental health, healthy eating, mindfulness, quality sleep, and weight loss.

You can check out the Corpse Pose (Savasana) if you desire a bright mood and energy.

This type of yoga can be performed by lying down with your limbs stretched out, away from your body, with your palms facing up. Try breathing deeply. Stay in that same position for 5 to 15 minutes.

7. Resistance Training

Resistance training is another exercise that you can easily carry out inside your room, but doing it outside is recommended.

This type of exercise involves working for elastic bands. Resistance training is the ideal option if you need muscles in a particular area. This is simply because it allows you to target specific parts of your body.

Below are some underlying benefits and reasons why you should engage in resistance training.

Resistance training improves muscle strength and tone; One of the most important benefits of resistance training is that it improves muscle tone and strength, which helps in preventing injuries on the joints.

Flexibility and balance; Resistance training can give you balance and flexibility, and the ability to remain independent as you age.

You can achieve this because of the great stamina and strength that you’ll acquire after months of committed resistance training practice.

8. Suspension Training

This is just similar to resistance training, but in this case, your body is being suspended with ropes, hence, you are working against your body weight here.

Most orthopedic therapists recommend this type of simple workout to people struggling with back pain.

Apart from that, suspension training can also be used for muscle building and improvement. This is simply because the suspended body weight will be supported by the arms and leg muscles, but the main workload is being done by the arm muscle – although it depends on the type that you’re doing.

Below are some tips for effective muscle building through suspension training.

9. Improve on Your Body Posture

The processes needed for bodybuilding are quite delicate. Your body posture and attitude towards body-building exercises can go a long way in determining your level of success.

It is very hard (if not impossible) for somebody with bad body postures to build muscles. This is simply because their posture can make them position their body in a way that does not produce any significant effect – some even attract problems to themselves in the name of muscle building when they continuously align their body in the wrong position.

Research has shown that correct body postures increase abdominal muscle activity, thereby helping in the development of stronger muscles.

Apart from the above facts, below are some other vital benefits attached to correct body postures in sports.

Improves breathing; hope you can connect the dots now? Can you see now that good posture is very essential in muscle building?

This is simply because almost all the training that are the building blocks of killer muscles all need a good breathing rate

Fights chronic pain; good body posture is one of the most recommended ways that people can use to beat chronic pains.

That is exactly why many health experts advise adults and people with acute pains to engage in yoga and follow good postural practices.

The types of pains that can easily be treated with improved body postures include pains associated with the spine and shoulder.

Reduces headaches; believe it or leave it, good body postures can reduce recurrent headaches.

There is no way someone suffering from a headache can effectively engage in muscle-building exercise.

Health is wealth, practice good body postures to beat doubts towards your muscle-building routine.

Builds core strength; bodybuilding exercises require a great deal of strength, and good posture is a very “good friend” of it.

You will likely be tired always if you are the type that follows bad body postures. But embracing the good ones is guaranteed to work wonders in your life.

Boosts self-confidence; you’ll always have self-confidence when you do the needful, good body posture is not exceptional. You’ll be ten times better when you follow good postural practices.

Reduces neck pain; There’s no way you will suffer neck pain when you always align your neck in the correct position.

Neck pain can restrict you from engaging in many things including exercise. Hence, do the right thing and be free from trouble.

10. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

This is simply an electric device that is built to create the same sensation as those that you will get in real workouts.

This electronic device induces muscle contractions and stimulates your muscle nerves, mimicking the way they react to real workouts.

EMS is very effective in the muscle building as it has been tested by many health and fitness experts and it worked fine.

There’s between 30% and 40% improvement in the muscles of athletes in just nine months, as recorded in one of the tests which were carried out by some fitness gurus.

Below are some reasons why you need Electrical Muscle Stimulation for muscle development.

EMS provides clean muscle contraction; muscle building with the Electrical Muscle Stimulation device is clean and highly effective.

This is simply because no physical equipment is used, the probability of maintaining any injury is low. That’s why many professional athletes rely heavily on this device for muscle maintenance.

EMS facilitates quick recovery of muscles; Athletes who have limited time to go to gyms always carry their EMS along with them. They do so to strengthen themselves when their muscles begin to wear out.

EMS are light and can be moved with ease; the designers of the EMS device have portability in mind. They know that the device will mostly be used by athletes who move from one place to another. You can get the device and practice with it right inside your room.

11. Sleep well after workouts

Research and statistics have shown that we get less sleep these days. Of course, that’s true because we all focus on our businesses more than ever before.

We don’t have time nowadays to spend on relaxing our already tired bodies. Resting is not enough, we should be allowing our body to be undergoing the natural state of subconsciousness at the regular interval or normal interval.

Depriving our bodies of adequate sleep can be more disastrous than you think. This is because you are limiting the process of protein synthesis. Which will lead to a loss in muscle mass, and poor recovery of worn-out tissues.

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