3 Natural Ways To Smell Fresh Without Using Fragrance Or Deodorant.

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Smelling good can be very rewarding. However, many people don’t see the need to use deodorant to smell good. As such in this article, I will show you 3 natural ways to smell fresh without using fragrance or Deodorant.

1. Bathe Regularly

This is self-explanatory. It involves constant and frequent bathing mostly after a hectic day.

This is one of the basic routines for smelling nice without using fragrance.

2. Be mindful of Diets

Your body plays a huge role in your cleanliness. How you smell largely depends on your genetic and body scent.

However, what you eat can also play an important role in your body odor. For example, foods like garlic, broccoli, and fish can impact your body Smell.

3. Shower Reaching the right spot

Bathing but not minding the right spot can cause body odor. Thus, when bathing sports like the armpit, feet, and back should be given special attention.

When proper care is given to this spot you can regain your confidence back by smelly naturally.

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