4 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Regular Excessive Armpits Sweat

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Have you ever hesitated to hug someone, raise your hand, or cheer on your favorite team solely because you didn’t want anyone to see your sweaty armpits? A little sweat is normal, but excessive armpit sweating that controls your life is downright unfair.

If you’re tired of “pitting out” and want to sweat less, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, according to Mayoclinic, we’ll be discussing effective ways to reduce and get rid of excessive underarm sweating.

Use topical antiperspirants

Tired of the sweat stains on your shirt? Try ditching your standard deodorant and switching to antiperspirant. Deodorant might kill the odor under your arms, but it’s not designed to stop you from sweating completely.

Antiperspirants both kill odor-causing bacteria and actively block your sweat glands from producing armpits sweat. This could help alleviate your discomfort.

Anticholinergic drugs

According to Cleveland Clinic, when you’ve tried antiperspirants, your doctor might also recommend a prescription medicine such as anticholinergic drugs. Oral anticholinergic drugs stop the activation of the sweat glands, but they aren’t for everyone because they can have side effects such as blurred vision, heart palpitations, dry eyes, dry mouth, and difficulty peeing.

Skip the caffeine

Anything that’s vasoactive, meaning it can affect the nerves around the blood vessels, can worsen sweating. This includes caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol.

Shave your armpit regularly

According to Healthline, shaving your armpits technically doesn’t stop underarm sweat. However, hair retains moisture, so having armpit hair might not help your case, especially if you sweat a lot.

Try shaving or waxing your underarms to improve the effectiveness of the antiperspirant and make it easier to apply. You might find that this helps reduce sweat stains on your shirts and makes you feel more comfortable and dry.

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