What do Dreadlock Symbolize? See Answer

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Dread which means “Fear” dreadlock can be traced back to ancient times especially in ancient Egyptian society and culture.

The early Egyptian dread was quite frightening, disgusting hence the term dread derived its name.

According to Wikipedia, the style is visually similar to braids, but whereas braids can be prepared immediately and finished, dreadlock requires a period of maturation that does not strictly end.

To maintain dreadlocks often requires and includes treatment at salons, but merely not conditioning and brushing one’s hair.

Some of the earliest descriptions of dreadlocks started In the early 1600-1500 BCE in the Minoan civilization.

However, most Egyptian mummies exhumed were also putting on dreads, so the wearing of dreads also have a trace from early Egypt.

What do dreadlocks Symbolize?

Dreadlocks have been long associated with Icons such as Bob Marley, J cole and more even Egyptian Pharaohs wore dreadlocks which appeared on tomb carvings, drawings, and other artifacts. The old testament even tells the story of Samson who lost his strength after his locks were shaved.

Meanwhile, the dread has been synonymous with the Jamaican Rastafarian culture. Jamaican political leader “Marcus Garvey is often credited as the founder of the Rastafarian movement, an African-centered religion, and lifestyle that started in the 30s. Garvey Preached black empowerment and preached that the blacks should return to Africa.

Base on his teachings “Garvey said, look to Africa where an African black king shall be crowned.

Although Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie did not seem to consider himself a God, many Rastafarians believed he was a biblical-sanctioned God. So Rastafarians wore dreadlocks to symbolize a lion’s mane and the return of a powerful leader. Dread has always been worn to make a statement. And for many, they are spiritual and show the letting go of material things. However, these days many people still wear read for fashion.

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