5 Male Body Parts Most Women Find Attractive.

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Guys! same way you are attracted to some parts of the woman’s body, is the same way women are attracted to some parts of your body too. Often times we only focus on the fact that men are more attracted to women. But today i want us shift a little bit from the norm. Let us focus on the things that women are attracted to in a man’s body.

Majority of guys believes that money is what there is when it comes to wooing a woman. But i am here today to tell you that there are some body parts most women desires in a man’s body. With that been said, let us delve into this article proper. five body parts most women finds attractive in men.

1] Your Eyes.

It is said that the eye is the gate way to the soul. Your eyes is also what the ladies look at first sight when you approach them.

A study which was conducted recently, shows that most women are more attracted to the male eyes compared to other facial appearance.

Most especial if the color of your eyes is different from the norm. Most women are more attracted to Gray, Hazel and Blue eyes.

2] Your Lips.

According to Dr. Marisa Coen, in her essay for The Science of Relationships, fuller lips have long been desired by most women around the world.

So if you are a guy with big red lips, you are more likely to attract more women to yourself. It is said that most women around the world love the experience of having bigger lips in their mouth during kissing exercise.

3] Your Chest.

The chest area is also one of the most attractive parts in the male body parts according to a very good percentage of women around the world. Dr. Felix, who is an online health provider did a study and he found out that most women prefer men with broad and straight chests. So if you want to attract more women to yourself, you might just consider training your chest.

4] Your Stomach.

It is no longer news that the average woman desires guys with six packs. Six packs has even made some guys to forget that they need to work for money because they believe that with it, they can attract some rich women to themselves.

But this is my candid advise, while you are hitting the gym to achieve that six packs, please make out time to work on your success goals in life.

5] Your Beards.

According to a survey which was carried out in women’s community, it was gathered that a very good percentage of women optioned for guys with bearded face.

According to them, they said that they see full manliness in guys with beards on their faces. I do not mean to make anybody to feel bad about themselves though. But this article is based on the survey from women’s community.

So, there you go! five body parts most women finds attracted in men. If you have any opinion to contribute, feel very free to pour them out in the comment section below.

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