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The President –General of Umunwanyi Igbo Amaka Worldwide,Her Excellency, Dr (Mrs.) Oluchukwu Elijah Ojukwu and the entire members of the Frontline Igbo Women’s Organization have sent a Message of Congratulations and Felicitation to the Very Distinguished Senator (Dr) Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah over his recent overwhelming victory for a second term to represent Anambra South in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In a Release issued by the President–General, she noted that the Senator’s landslide victory at the polls is an eloquent testimony of his commitment and passion for the good and well being of the people, not just of Anambra South, but Anambra as a whole and Nigeria in general.

Part of the Statement reads:”On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Executives and the entire members of Umunwanyi Igbo Amaka Worldwide, I happily extend my warm Felicitation and hearty Congratulations to you our Distinguished Senator.

A Lawmaker per Excellence,a Compassionate Leader,a Manager of Men and Resources, an Orator, a Business Mogul,a Philanthropist of the highest Order, an International Figure of Great Repute, above all, a God-fearing man who by dint of hardwork, perseverance, integrity and amiable disposition has successfully attained heights of multiple achievements, such that is rare among mankind.”

She added:”We celebrate you our dear Senator and pray that the God who has lifted you up and continues lifting you up, will not let you down. As wives and mothers, we pray that since you have taken it as a special responsibility to cater and help the less-privileged, the widows, orphans, physically and mentally challenged, the oppressed and the downtrodden, God in His infinite mercies will continue to preserve you, defend you,uphold you and shower His multiple Blessings upon you. That you will continue to soar from heights to heights like the Eagle and your Well will never run dry.

We pray that no weapon formed against you, physically or spiritually shall prosper. We pray that the Almighty God continue to diligently uplift you and grant even the deepest desires of your heart.”

Furthermore, Her Excellency added:”As you are sworn in later this month,we hope to experience more dividends of democracy through your wholesome representations, especially in the areas of Security and Human Capacity Development, where you have made so much Impact. And we say it here before anyone else; and it should be put on Record; that Anambra State Government House Awka is beckoning on you.”

She concluded by saying:” It would be recalled that after winning your election, to most people, you had no business to continue giving out gifts; but that was when you surprised the whole world when in a single day you empowered over 10,000 people in an uncommon show of magnanimity within and outside your Senatorial District.

Such a thing had never happened before. We members of Umunwanyi Igbo Amaka have taken Special Note of that. Recently, in a bid to make Anambra South safer for all, you invested heavily in the procurement of Security Vehicles, Motorcycles, Walkie talkies, and Gadgets such as CCTV to monitor the whole Constituency beginning from Nnewi.

We are also aware of the Bill you are pursuing to establish the National Security Institute in Anambra State and so many other well meaning and outstanding Motions and Bills too numerous to mention here.

We are taking notes. All we can say for now is that just as we mobilzed our members to support you in the recent election, we are now even more committed to mobilize our members for you in whichever political path you choose to follow in the nearest future.”

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