6 Things a woman does immediately after a breakup.

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Breakup: Love they say is a beautiful thing but breakups can be very painful. It can make a person to deny the existence of love and develop a strong hatred towards all forms of relationship.

When a breakup happens in a relationship it is girl that bears the highest among of disappointment, hurt and pain in most cases but there are exceptions too.

What girls do after a breakup include:

1. Cry:

Whats the surest and fastest way of easing emotional stress if not through tears. They start crying due to surprise and shock following the unexpected incidence.

2. Begging:

If there is still a probability of mending the broken pieces of the relationship through crying and begging for forgiveness the will resort to doing so.

3. Insults:

many girls especially the ones that were not deeply in love with you will call you all kinds of horrible names.

They will say all kinds of evil thing to tarnish your image will some will even go and conscript other people to join them in hating and saying all kinds of evil things against you.

4. Stalking:

Yes a girl that truely loves you will make attempts to stalk and keep in touch with you even after a breakup.

Some of them will open anonymous Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media account to keep tracks of you and to privy to all you online activities.

They want to know if you have truely moved on, if you are happy, the new person that you are dating, infact they will like to know everything about you.

5. Fighting:

yes some girls are actually strong and powerful enough to attack and engage you in a fight.

It is these set of people that will pour acids on your, break the windscreen of your cars, set your house on fire and damage your properties.

6. Move on:

Some girls especially the ones that were not really interested in the relationship will immediately move on at the speed of lightening.

They are actually happy and relieved that the relationship is over and they cannot wait for you to leave and stop disturbing their lives.

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