Woman with tummy ache goes to toilet and discovers she has given birth after seeing two feet in toilet.

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A 22-year-old woman had no idea she was pregnant until she went to the toilet, thinking she had a stomach ache, and saw a baby in the toilet bowl when she tried to flush.

Lucy Jones, a trainee flight attendant thought her stomach ache was period pain after feeling unwell back in March.

But while in bed the next morning, the 22-year-old said her tummy “flipped” and she dashed to the loo.

While using the toilet, she said she heard a “crash”, looked down and discovered the baby she didn’t know she was having.

The first-time-mum claims she was terrified as she had no idea she was expecting given she had no symptoms throughout her pregnancy. She added that she took contraception daily and still had her periods.

She also said she had a medical examination when she would have been eight months pregnant and two pregnancy tests came back negative.

She said she worked 70-hour per week, drank often and went clubbing around 15 times throughout her pregnancy, including just three days before she gave birth.

Now that her daughter, Ruby is four months old, Lucy said she’s taken to motherhood like a “duck to water” and wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Lucy, from Bristol, said: “I had no bump, no sickness and had a period every month.

“I had two negative pregnancy tests, because of my new cabin crew job I had to take them for that.

I would have been eight months pregnant when I went for my medical and did the pregnancy tests.

“He [the doctor] pressed all down my stomach and body, and he suspected nothing.

I was still taking the pill. I took it every day and had been on it for six or seven years.

“I went up one dress size after Christmas and then I went back down again, and I put that down to eating and drinking a lot.”

Lucy claims she received her fit to fly certificate the month before she gave birth.

She said she’d often work long hours as a pub manager and had her last shift just ten days before having Ruby, Daiilystar reports.

Lucy said: “I did a week’s training [for cabin crew] came home for two days and that’s when she magically arrived.”

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