Why We Can’t Kill Captured Boko Haram As Ordered – Soldier

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A security operative fighting the insurgent groups like Boko Haram and the Islamic State in West African Province (ISWAP) has expressed disappointment over the recently attacked correctional facility in the capital which triggered a massive prison break by Boko Haram members.

The soldier said that they are meant to capture terrorists but not harm them. We are ordered not to harm the terrorists caught and sadly, some of the terrorists caught escape justice at the end of the day, the security operative revealed.

These people attack prison facilities and security posts for hours without any interference.

The operative also revealed that some terrorists caught are confident that they will not be brought to justice.

They now consider themselves as ‘Government Boys’, stressing that when you capture them, you do not have the power to do anything to them.

You will capture Boko Haram and you will be told not to harm him and later he will disappear, the security operative lamented.

Boko Haram and the Islamic State in West African Province (ISWAP) have suffered huge losses in the past few months, but their attacks have continued regardless.

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