Why I Dressed like A Native Doctor To The Supreme Court

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It’s no longer news that the Abuja supreme court has allowed all Nigerians to express their way of worship and use of hijab in schools and public places.

As regards this, there was some drama at the Supreme Court Abuja as a lawyer attended proceedings in traditional worshipper’s regalia following the judgement of the Supreme Court that allowed all Nigerians to express their way of worship.

The Nigerian Lawyer who appeared in his traditional wear noted that Ifa has warned him to stop wearing shoes, and if he disobeys and wear shoes, he may die

Speaking he said, “This is how I will be coming to court henceforth. For by the supreme court’s judgement, we’ve been given license to dress in our various traditional attire, and it will be an infringement or a grave violation of the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion for anybody to stop me.”

“I will encourage my fellow traditionalists and those who are serving Sango, Sopono, god of Iron, and god of Thunder to dress like this because you need to be religious. You need to be close to the spirit.

As you can see, I’m not wearing any shoes. Ifa has told me that if I wear shoes, I will be dead. So, what will I do? I have to obey the spirit. “You see this eye? Without it, I can see the spirit coming to attack me.”

The Nigerian lawyer stated that he would encourage his colleagues to dress in their traditional attire when attending court.

So, my question now is, if everyone should appear in court this way, what will the court look like?

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