The Outcome Of 2023 Election Will Leave This Country Heart Broken – Prophet Joshua

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A few minutes ago, a video of Prophet Joshua Angel, founder of Joshua Holmes Ministry, appeared on the internet, in which he offered a prophecy about the outcome of the Nigerian presidential election.

Prophet Joshua explains in the video that the election’s outcome will break the nation’s heart

He proceeded and said that God has been telling him recently that the approaching 2023 election will be more tough than any other election in Nigeria’s history.

He added that all presidential candidates, regardless of political party, will find it difficult to break through.

However, he stated that what he saw in regards to the 2023 election included the moving of time, altering of dates, and that the election will break the nation’s hearts like never before because it is not what the people expected to happen.

Furthermore, he advised the administration to start thinking about the people’s interests first, rather than their own, because if they didn’t, he observed more thuggery and verbal sparring than usual.

In addiction, he emphasises that the election will not benefit the individuals who the nation truly desires.

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