Why Southeast Will Only Vote For PDP and Not Peter Obi – Senetor Ekweremadu

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In an interview with Bellnews after a PDP meeting senator Ekweremadu gives reasons why the south East will vote for PDP instead of Peter Obi

In his words he said “I strongly support Gov. Okowa as the perfect running mate to Atiku in the forth coming 2023 presidential election, he described Gov. Okowa as one who have proven himself as a performing governor, parliamentarian and very quintessential because he has made good and powerful friend across the country, he also described him as a very dynamic man, a patriot and also a pan Nigeria.

Secondly, senator ekweremadu said “this is the best choice PDP have ever made by choosing Gov. Okowa as the running (VP) to Atiku which he said is going to bring value to Atiku ticket because he has all the qualities of a good and perfect leader for Nigeria.

He also said he came from the south East and he is sure that his people and the people of South South will vote for PDP. He said without doubt is one of the great sons of the South East which he Advices that we should be dynamic in our decision making in which he asked can Peter Obi  win the forthcoming election with only the vote from south East? Can Peter Obi secure the future of our children to this question the answer he gave was no.

He further said that the south East don’t want to vote for someone whom they will regret voting for in future, he said even though Peter is highly qualified and has all the quality of being the president of Nigeria the future of southeast and South South is in the hands of PDP, he promised to go back to the south East and talk to them on accepting PDP as the best party to be on the presidential seat with Okowa representing the south East as the VP come 2023.

Lastly, he said there is no difference between Peter Obi and Okowa in protecting the interest of the south East and South South since both of them are great sons of the south East.

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