Nigerians Should Go Back To Using Traditional Protections – Chief Atanda Advices Nigerians

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After the Owo Massacre which has left many people dead and others injured and fighting for their lives, a Yoruba Chieftain Chief Atanda has advised Nigerians in the way forward.

The dastard act happened almost one week ago but the trauma still lives on and Chief Atanda from Yoruba Land has told Nigerians to resort to the use of Traditional means to protect themselves due to the Owo Massacre at St Francis Catholic Church in Owo local government area, Ondo State.

According to Bellnews Online, some suspects have been arrested with many thanks being accorded to Incantations by traditionalists and Supplications to the gods.

This has prompted Chief Ifagbenusola Atanda who is the President of Ancient Religion Societies of African Descendants International Council, ARSADIC, to tell Nigerians how to manage situations like that.

Chief Atanda who is also a Ifa Priest and the Asiwaju Awo Agbaye said this on Saturday, the 11th of June, 2022, he was of the opinion that none conventional and traditional methods are the only way to tackle and deal with these killers of innocent citizens.

He said that the Government alone can not secure all lives and properties and we have to also beef up security in our own way.

He said that we have not done all we could to chase away these evil doers from our Lands and that God has continued to show us signs of calamities ahead.

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