Six Secondary Student Expelled For Staging Protest Against The Poor Facilities in School

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The leadership of Government Day Secondary School Salihu Dogo in Jalingo, Taraba state has expelled six students.

after a protest was conducted a week earlier to complain about alleged corruption.

The demonstration was conducted in front of the school principal’s office and is believed to have taken place last week Wednesday.

In a viral video, one of the students could be heard complaining that they do not have a laboratory for scientific studies and that the teachers never perform a practical exam for them.

”Science class we don’t even have a lab. Science class we have never taken practical .

See Biology, Physics, Chemistry, no lab. No seat. You will be standing. How would you ever listen to the lectures that they are teaching. You will not even comprehend even one thing.”

The school is believed to have a population of roughly 1,000 pupils. Their school fees every term is 4,800 out of which 500 is furniture charge, another 500 is feeding fee.

The state administration has yet to comment on this development.

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