What God Told Me About Attack On Churches – Pst. WF Kumuyi

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WF Kumuyi have reacted to the happenings In the past few months, where many worship centres in the country were reportedly attacked by suspected terrorists, kidnappers and unknown gunmen.

The most shocking of them all was the Owo massacre in Ondo State. This has also put concerns in the minds of many believers as none could predict the next church to be attacked.

However, the Nigerian televangelist and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi who spoke on “Supernatural Deliverance through Christ” via a live broadcast on his verified Facebook handle hours ago, revealed a message he claimed to have received from the Lord concerning the said issue.

He started by citing the case of Daniel in the Bible as he disclosed from 2 hours 19 minutes into the video, “In the Bible, Daniel was not searching for Lions.

He was praying at his place of worship and the people who didn’t like what he was doing, plotted evil against him. They set up a rule to disconnect him from his Maker forcefully.

“Daniel was saved from those Lions because he was a prayerful man. They plotted to end his life but they forgot the only person that has the final say over your life is God. Daniel was never bothered about his life. He placed his hope on God”.

Pastor W. F. Kumuyi on what the Lord revealed to him, said, “I know many people will be asking where is the power of God in the church? When will He deliver His people from all these afflictions? The answer is NOW because He is able to keep you from afflictions.

If you are not looking for trouble and trouble came at your place of worship, He says He will keep you. From today, the Lord will keep you and your household from every evil attack in Jesus name!”.

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