Hijab Ruling: Lawyer Goes To Supreme Court With Full Catholic Rosary, Gives Reason.

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Lawyer, Dennis Ezigha Esq was dressed in his religious attire to enter appearance before the Court.

In a video Dennis Ezigha was seen dressed in his professional attire with a large Rosary bead wrapped around his neck.

“This is my religious attire, and I intend to appear before the Court dressed like this.” He said.

This incident is a spinoff from the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Lagos State Government v. Asiyat Abdulkareem (through her father)& ors where the Court allowed the wearing of hijab in Lagos State schools that it was their fundamental rights.

Some lawyers interpreted this as that they now had the right dress in their religious attire and make appearance before the Court.

You would recall the video of Chief Malcolm Omirhobo who dressed in his religious attire and made appearances before the Supreme Court and the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos. In an interview, he urged his fellow colleagues to do as it was their fundamental right and the decision of the Supreme Court had granted them license.

It would seem that lawyers are following this trend. Their rationale according to them it is their fundamental right to profess and manifest their religion as provided in the Constitution and upheld by the supreme Court.

“I am a Catholic, I intend to profess my religion and make appearance before the Court dressed in my religious attire. It is my right as provided under section 38 of the Constitution”. Ezigha Esq Stated in the video.

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