The untold story of how cain got his wife after he killed Abel and runaway

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A lot of people likewise Christians may seem confused as to how cain got married and where his wife came from, several scholars have failed horribly in trying to explain this Logically for people to a-certainty the truth from the myth.

As the Bible had summarized some events from the holy some personalities and places where omitted from the Bible causing total confusion to many believers and non believers today.

Adam and eve being the first couple on earth brought for their first son called cain ( Qabeel) alongside hide twin sister Azura , the confusion would have been avoided if the Bible laid emphasis on females ( Adam and Eve daughters).

A few years on another set of twins where brought forth who were Abel ( Habeel) and Awan his twin sister just like his brother Abel.This meant that as at that point there were only 6 people on earth (Adam and Eve , their two sons and two daughters) .

Cain after killing Abel and was thrown out into the wildernesses by God’s angels through God’s command had no other option than to marry one of his sister’s in which at that time God never forbid incest due to the fact that there were no women and neither did cain had an option.

The only way the world could multiply was if family members from the same lineage of Adam and Eve could marry and interbreed in order to fill up earth.

It is then no surprise for us to be all children and descendant of Adam and Eve who were the original and first creations of God.

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