3 Risk Associated With The Use Of Condom

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A condom is an object that is used by many people for different reasons. Though, the most common reasons why people use it is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and some diseases which can be gotten by having intercourse.

Condoms are highly effective against the most dangerous infection which can be transmitted through intimacy. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

They are also effective against unintended pregnancy as well as against gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. Using it frequently can inversely cause some harm to your body system.

Here Are 3 Risks Associated With The Use Of Condom

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Condoms that are too tight choke off blood supply, which contributes to erectile dysfunction. And if you choose a condom that’s too big, it can slip off during intercourse, which not only defeats the purpose of wearing the condom but can also undo the strength. Furthermore, using this for a long time and regularly can reduce the flow of blood to the reproductive organs.

2. Trigger  A Latex Allergy

This is because the mucus membranes in the female reproductive organ absorb latex proteins faster than the membranes on the male reproductive organ.

Symptoms of a systemic allergic reaction include hives in areas that didn’t come into contact with the condom. swelling in areas that didn’t come into contact with the condom

3. It Can Prompt Bothering Of The Skin

Since human bodies are different, and some individuals’ bodies are affected by the latex used in producing the condom.

Studies show that after usage, some people generally experience rashes and little itches around the masculinity area and this is the cause.

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