Land Of The Giants: Meet The Tribe That Has The Tallest People In The Africa

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Africa is blessed with great nations with different people, tribes, religion, and stature. South Sudan has a tribe called Dinka that are known to be the tallest tribe in Africa and also in the world according to Wikipedia in 1995.

The Dinka people are a Nilotic ethnic group native in South Sudan, as of 2011, there population is 4,637,302 and they have three main religious beliefs, Christianity, Islam and Dinka Religion.

The Dinka people are known to be traditional famers and the practice pastoralism. The are into cattle husbandry and this is one of their cultural pride, they don’t really do it for the money or for meat but for cultural demonstration, marriage dowries, rituals, and milk production for feeding their people.

Their men are known to be shorter than the women, because of malnutrition.

The tribe has no centralized political authority, they rather has different independent clans that are interlinked together. They clans have on traditional ruler knons that the Masters of the fishing spear or beny bith, who perform rituals for them. The have one major language called DINKA. They are said to have originated from Gezira now known as Sudan.

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