Side effects of consuming cassava regularly

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Cassava is a starchy root vegetable or tuber with a nutty flavor that is commonly consumed by many people and prepared in a variety of ways, according to Healthline.

Although it may have certain health advantages when taken or included in a diet, there are also some drawbacks to take into account, which are stated below.

1. The fact that cassava is high in calories and can cause weight gain over time if consumed frequently is one of the negative effects of cassava consumption on the human body.

2. Because raw cassava includes specific compounds known as cyanogenic glycosides, it may be detrimental to your health if ingested in large amounts or improperly prepared.

You should avoid eating raw cassava in big quantities since cyanogenic glycosides might raise the danger of cyanide poisoning when consumed or eaten in significant amounts.

3. Last but not least, processed cassava may include less nutrients or may reduce some nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, and others, making it less healthy for the body.

Conclusion: Consuming cassava can have some negative health effects on people.

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