5 tips to keep your anger in control

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Tips you can use in controlling your anger

1. Identify what situations makes you angry and avoid it.

if it’s about seeing other guys look at your woman, then you’ll have to move to tip two because she can’t just do without going outside

2. Identify the anger when it starts.

If you can identify it then you’ll be able to control before its escalate. It doesn’t just com as a full blown anger, It builds up.

One way we become the puppet of ourselves is by giving our power (anger) away.

Imagine your anger is your power, why would you want to give it away?

3. Control your mind.

Our mind is the number one are where the thought of action brews , if you are able to clear your mind of damaging though to retaliate in a brutal way . It’ll be great.

4. Breath and take a walk along the garden or your compound. Take your time and do the number 5 tip.

5. Forgive and move on

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