5 fruits with poisonous seeds that should never be eaten.

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There are many fruits available for consumption and most of them have seeds.

These seeds may either be harmful or beneficial. Paw paw, cucumber and watermelon have nutritious seeds that can be consumed.

The seeds of apple, cherry and peach are poisonous because they contain harmful compounds. I will go detailed by sharing the fruits that have poisonous seeds.

Below are the fruits.

1. Apple.

Apple is a very succulent and a delicious fruit packed with well arranged seeds. This fruit is very nutritious but their seeds are poisonous.

This is because they contain harmful substances like amygdalin that could harm you.

2. Plum.

This is a type of stone fruit with a nut-like seed. When eating plum, eat the fleshy part and throw away the seed.

This is because the seeds contain poisonous substances which could harm you.

3. Peach.

This may not be a very known fruit, but you can find it in some places. Peach seeds contain amygdalin, a poisonous substances that causes harm to you.

Enjoy the juicy part of the fruit and throw away the seed.

4. Apricot.

The hydrogen cyanide present in apricot seeds makes it unfit for eating.

The fruit is very nutritious, and you should try to consume the apricot without eating the seeds.

5. Cherries.

Cherry is a small and round fruit that has a seed which looks like a nut. When consuming cherry, avoid consuming the seed because it contain poisonous substances.

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