See the mystery behind waist beads you probably didn’t know before.

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Belly chain which is commonly known as waist beads are mostly worn by women or young girls for so many reasons

But I would be using this privilege to share with you the mystery behind waist beads you probably don’t know before.

Let start with, in West African countries, women in precisely are given waist beads when they are still very young to wear all through their lifetime to help shape their figures.

Although It still remain a mystery of how exactly the beads shape them, but somehow, curvaceous African or west african women solely attribute their curvaceous shape to the waist beads.

According to the research, one the mystery that is hardly know by anybody is that It is mostly used to measure the growth density of young children (girls).

The mystery behind this is that When the beads start becoming too small around the child waist, it’s then assume that the child is growing or has increased in hight.

Moreso, another mystery you probably don’t know is that When beads are on woman waist, it would help shape their body stutus by letting the waist small, so that the hips can look more attractive and curvaceous.


Well, in some places in Africa like Ghana or Nigeria, They are of the believe that beads are the emblems of gods, that is putting a bead crown with a veil is a sign quintessential of kingship.

Furthermore, in some places in Ghana, beads are mostly worn around the wrist and legs as a signs of royalty or priesthood.

According to the Ghanian, putting on beads is a sign That such person comes from a wealthy or royal family.

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The above information are solely given based on research and enquiry.

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