Why Do Some Twins Look Alike Like And Others Don’t?

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Have you ever wondered why some twins are same gender and have same looks while another set of twins looks distinct or different completely and even sometimes different sex?

I used to wonder what is the reason till I studied more about twins and how the process that leads up to a woman giving birth to twins work.

In this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to be finding out why some twins look alike and others don’t. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

Why Do Some Twins Look Alike And Others Don’t?

The reason is very straightforward, we have two categories of twins. One is fraternal and the other is identical. How does this work?

When it comes to fraternal twins, the woman in question produces two eggs and these two eggs get fertilized by two sperm cells at the same time at the time of ovulation leading to growth of two foetus in her womb.

This type of twins are often birthed by older woman because they are the ones due to the changes that take place as a woman gets older that stand a higher chance of producing two eggs at the time of ovulation.

There is no difference between fraternal twins and normal siblings besides the fact that they were born the same time. They don’t look alike and they have different DNA.

On the other hand, identical twins form when a woman produces an egg and then it gets fertilized by the sperm cell only for the fertilized egg to split into two leading to formation of two identical humans that share everything including DNA and every other internal body features.

This is because they are formed from one egg and one sperm cell so there is no difference thus their resemblance.

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