List Of Lost Tribes From Around The World Who Refused To Accept Civilization

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It is beyond our imagination to think of an isolated life. Because of our advanced lifestyle and Civilizations, we need a society to live with. But you will be surprised to know that there still exists some tribes in the world who live in complete isolation.

They are isolated people or uncontacted tribes as they are totally cut off from the outside world. According to a survey report, there are about 100 uncontacted tribes throughout the world.

Most of them live in Eugene, Amazon, the Congo and off the islands of India and Bangladesh. These people live a natural and simple lifestyle and mostly eats natural vegetables, fruits and fish.

1. The Sentinelese

The sentinelese are an isolated tribe found on the North sentinel island in the Indian Ocean.

They have short stature and dark skin. This tribes believe that they might get uncured diseases from the people of the outside world.

So they do not allow any outsiders to enter their territory. They even attack the intruders with their bows Spears and arrows.

The people of this Tribe are strong healthy muscular and non-obese and are very offensive.

 2. The Yanomami

The Yanomami is one of the largest isolated tribes living in the mountains and rainforest of Southern Venezuela, South America.

Their language is yanomaman and their religion is shamanism.

They live in villages in a group of around 50 to 400 people each. The common shelter shelter has an open Ground in the centre and is oval shaped. These people grow fruits and Hunt animals and fish.

3. The Ayoreo

The Ayoreo is an uncontacted tribe residing in Paraguay, Bolivia and Pilcomayo.

The Ayoreo means ‘true people’. They are also known as Koroino, Takrat and morotoco.

In 1720, These people were first contacted during the San ignacio zamuco mission.

They hunt pigs monkeys and tortoises. They are also known to bury their babies alive for several reasons.

4. The Mursi Tribe

The Mursi is an an contacted tribe in Ethiopia. Their residing place is among the mountains situated in isolated regions of the country.

They speak the Mursi language and follow animism and Christianity. The women were lip plate to look beautiful.

Their main crop is sorghum, and beside this the group beans, chick peas and maize corn.

5. The Awa Tribe

The Awa Tribe lives in an Amazon, Brazil and their population is only about 350. They are considered as the world’s most endangered tribes.

In the mid 1980s some of them shifted to the government established settlements while most of them continue to live their traditional nomadic lifestyle. These people do farming, hunting and fishing.

6. The Palawano Tribe

The palawano is the largest province of the Philippines and gives shelter to many uncontacted tribes.

They reside in remote villages in the coastal areas on mountains. This Tribe uses the traditional means of hunting using swords, bamboo and blow guns. Their main occupation is farming and cultivating rice.

7. The Papuan Tribe

The Papuan tribes are an indigenous tribes living on the island of New Guinea. These people grow farm pigs and sweet potatoes.

They are dark skin people and mostly speak the australasian languages. They follow modern practices as well as traditional religion. Their existence came about 45 thousand years ago.

8. The Moshco-Piro

The Moshco-piro is a nomadic tribe living in the remote regions of the Amazon Rainforest. These people strictly avoid contact with the outside world.

In the 1998 census their population was 100 to 250. The people of this tribe speak the piro language.

They construct Their Huts from palm leaves on the River banks for fishing. They moved to the rainforest during the rainy seasons. They avoid contact with the outside world for fear of catching diseases.

9. The Surma People

These lost tribes lives in the remote mountains of southwestern Ethiopia. Surma is the collective name for 3 ethnic classes, Viz-chai, Timaga and Suri baale. They speak the languages known as Mursi and Me’em.

Mostly, they believe in Christianity and animism. As per the census of 2007 their total population was 186,875. They are fond of stick fighting, the northern settlers and Ethiopian imperial troops always harass them since the 1980s.

10. Un-contacted Amazon Tribe

There are many un-contacted tribes throughout the Amazon such as Korobu, Himarima and Uru-eu-uaw-uaw etc.

The Korobu is an indigenous tribe of the west Amazon Basin with the population of only 25 people.

The Himarima is an isolated tribe of the Amazon having a population of around 1000 individuals. These people are aggressive and follow traditional tribal religions.

The Uru-eu-uaw-uaw consisting of 1000 individuals and has no contact with the outside world.

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