Men Do These 5 Things To Enlarge The Size of Your Cucumber Naturally

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Having small cucumber is something to be worried about because this can go a long way to affect and cut your relationship short why because women do not like small cucumber especially those that their area look like a well, so they are never satisfied hence, men are looking for ways to make sure they are big enough to satisfy their spouse to avoid the story of cheating and unfaithfulness in the relationship.

In this article today, I will show you just three simple ways to do this effectively and naturally, take note that I am not telling you to take any drug as this have side implications and can destroy your life on the long run.

1. Application of Natural Oil and Stretching.

Biologically speaking this is the first recommendation as this will help you grow longer and fatter.

Biology state that any body parts that are used frequently term to grow more than the one that are use less frequently this is according to the law of use and disuse of the body parts.

So therefore, you should apply message oil on that part, rub and stretch thoroughly for five minutes daily and trust me it will definitely be enlarged.

2. Burn Fat Through Exercise and Work out.

Exercise and work out make the body to burn out excess fat that can cause damage to the body system.

If you are fat, there is every tendency that you will have small cucumber because fat people have their cucumber hidden by body fat hence it will look like they are not big enough.

Engaging in jugging every morning also help to reduce and burn out body fats and hence tends to keep the body live and healthy.

3. Excercise frequently.

This will help you to loose weight and hence increase the size of your cucumber, most muscular people have though and big cucumber.

Exercise does not only keep the body fit, it also strengthens the immune system and tend to burn out sugar that can cause diabetes.

4. Avoid Taking Alcohol and Hard Drugs

Taking Alcohol reduces the body potency and efficiency. The body reacts to what it is being fed with, some men consume lots of alcohol and they want to engage their partner at night very well it doesn’t work like that. Try and minimize or stop the intake of Alcoholic contents.

5. Eat Much Fruits and Proteins

Eating fruits tends to keep the body system alive and healthy. It increases the fertility of an individual both male and female because fruits contain natural acids that is good for the body system.

Whenever you see men complaining of low sperm count or inability to conceive sometimes it is due to poor intake of natural fruits.

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