4 Ways to start a romantic conversation with a girl you like

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One thing is to like a girl, another thing is to know how to strike a winning conversation that will not piss her up.

Yes, I’m pretty sure you want to start a romantic conversation with her to easily win her heart.

Of course, that is the essence of this piece. You have to be careful in other not to ruin things for yourself.

If you are here to know the best ways to strike a romantic conversation with a girl you like, this piece is for you.

1. Greet her.

Let me start by saying that some men make the mistake of forming boss in the presence of the girl they want to toast.

Some men have the habit of sending someone to call a girl for them. This is wrong.

If you like a girl, go after her. You must be a gentleman when toasting a girl, otherwise, she might not give in.

When you approach her for the first time, the first thing a gentleman would do is to greet her. That is why you need to be conversant with time.

Polite greetings shows that you have manners. It shows that you are a gentleman who have respect for both himself and other people.

This will give her the impression to listen to what you have to tell her.

Be careful not to look away out of shyness. You must be a man if you want to win her concentration. Don’t be shy.

Make eye contact with her while greeting her. Ensure that your eyes are fixed on her face throughout the conversation. Don’t allow pride to influence you no matter how rich you are. Be humble, kind and gentle.

2. Compliment her.

After greetings, the next thing to do is to compliment her. Show me a girl who doesn’t like compliments, and I will tell you what is wrong with her.

Every girl, just like every man like compliments.

Tell her how beautiful she looks on the dress she’s putting on. If she is on make-up, tell her how much you like it.

Make her happy, but do not exaggerate. Do not make her feel flattered. She might think that you are only flattering her to get what you want from her.

3. Introduce yourself to her and wait for her to introduce herself to you too.

Generally, when you meet someone new, you have to introduce yourself to them.

This is also important in this case. But be careful not to speak too much of yourself. Be polite and humble.

4. Ask about her interest.

I am pretty sure that she is already flowing provided that you played your game well.

At this point, the romantic conversation is about to begin. You have to begin by asking her about her interest. This should be based on both romantic field and outside of it.

Depending on her response, pick up a romantic line from there and continue your conversation.

You can talk about your exes, your first loves and your first kisses. This will take you up to the main romantic conversation you wouldn’t want to end.

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