9 Strange Things Women Do When They Are Cheating In a Relationship

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Cheating: We have been conditioned and programmed to believe that men cheat most however the gap is fast closing.

More and more women are stepping out of their marriages and partners for reasons best known to them and one thing about relationships is that you can easily know when men are cheating due to their predictable actions.

But for their female counterpart, the reverse is the case. All thanks to their secret lifestyle.

Cheating women are always smart and confident. If men are not careful, they won’t know what they are doing behind them.

Women are beautiful creatures of God who are bestowed intelligence and wisdom. But some of them use it otherwise.

To know that, you will see that in everything a woman what to know or do, they know or do it deeply and sure of it.

Similarly, if your wife is cheating on you, you may not realize but I will list some strange things they do when they are cheating in a relationship.

1. She nags a lot

Cheating women can nag and that is nothing unusual. But what you need to watch is her constant nagging.

She will nag about everything from the smallest to the biggest issues. She will begin to magnify her partner’s imperfections.

Her short temper could be because of her guilt or if she’s looking for ways to take a quick exit.

When there is a new name which is being mentioned with increasing frequency.

This new friend, whom your lady never seems to get tired, that most times when cheating ladies want to call you name they call the new guy’s name when you notice this it can be a sign of trouble.

2. She is always lost in thoughts.

If you notice she is losing interest and barely pays attention to what you’re saying, that means something else is playing on their minds.

She is probably thinking about the other man outside or praying he should not call while she is with you. Sometimes she suddenly starts blushing or smiling while thinking or looking at her phone.

3. Backs out of confrontations

When asked directly by her significant other whether she is cheating or not, chances are she will not admit and try everything possible to avoid confrontation.

She will remain silent, leave the conversation hanging or turn it around on you.

4. Loses interest in physical intimacy

No matter how good she was getting it, she will lose interest in having sex if there is another man in her life.

In most instances, this could the reason why she will pull away, act cold and distant.

Kisses are quick and hugs are short could be a sign she is not interested in intimacy. Reason being she could be getting it elsewhere.

5. She and her phone are suddenly inseparable.

She start being too private and too secretive with her phone. Infact when you are ask her for her mobile phone she will let will let you know everyone is entitled to their own privacy, Not only is she spending much more time attached to it, she is also not comfortable with leaving it lying around.

An honest will give you her phone and explain if you find anything fishy on her phone like someone wooing her or sending her love messages, if she is too secretive with her phone then their is a problem.

6. No calls around you

They will not be receiving all calls in your presence. When your wife begins to shun some incoming calls beside you, just know someone might be disturbing her to have secret affair with him or she is actually having the secret affair with someone.

If you ask her why she doesn’t pick up her call, she will say it is one bastard disturbing her and she has warned him not to be calling her again that she is already married/engaged. When you notice this better make sure you keep your eyes open.

7. When she starts becoming disrespectful.

It’s very painful when a girl who love and cherish you suddenly start becoming disrespectful to you.

Do not assume it is normal because another man is now in her life and also flashing money on her.

8. Constantly asking about her man’s schedule

if she suddenly takes too much interest in her man’s schedule, and wants to know exactly when he leaves and comes back home, she might be planning to have the other guy over for a visit.

9. She will not be quickly picking your call.

When a cheating woman sees her man’s call, she will firstly hiss and continue what she is doing and she may not pick the call at that time.

But she will later flash you to call again, then she will find an excuse for not picking your first call.

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