Photo Of The House Of Maazi Okoroji, The Man That Sold Some Igbos To Europeans For Slave Trade In Arochukwu

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Maazi Okoroji: Nigeria as a country is blessed with historical sites that are kept and preserved for future purposes to educate individuals to know more about their country and communities.

Bringing us to the fact that after years that slave trade ended, this historic site located in Arochukwu is still in existence and is being maintained.

The house in the photos below, was owned by Maazi Okoroji, the man that sold some Igbos to Europeans for slave trade in Arochukwu, 17 centuries ago. Okoroji, was said to be a local chief in Ujari one of the villages located in Arochukwu, Abia state.

His was a slave trader, that sold some Igbos to the Europeans as slaves. He was a very popular slave merchant that built the house now used as a historic site that people could visit today.

Looking at the interior of the house, you can see different historical artifacts, slave chains, etc. That he used during his time as a slave merchant. Many people lost their family no thanks to slave trade and some people can’t even trace back their heritage or home town based on the fact that their ancestors were sold as slave centuries ago to the Europeans. Link to the photos below.

Funny enough, the site/house is still in existence till today and people visit the place often. See source from Daily Trust.

On seeing photos of Maazi Okoroji’s house, the man that sold some Igbos to Europeans for slave trade, what do you think? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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