Don’t Leave Your Ancestors, Prophet Cautions Christians

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Igbo Christians have been warned against the neglect of tradition and culture associated with reverence to their ancestors.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday, the Chief Priest, Word Liberation International Assembly, Awka Road, Onitsha, Prophet Ikechukwu Akaogu said Christians from Igbo extraction have been praying and wallowing in ignorance with lots of afflictions due to neglect of their ancestors in their mode of worship.

Prophet Akaogu who simply identifies himself as a Chief Priest and Prophet of God explained the need for the presence of a prophet in one’s life or family to avert dangerous situations.

He lamented that African and Igbo Christians have deserted their gods which are represented by the ancestors for strange and foreign gods, adding that it was the major cause of poverty, untimely death, afflictions and hardship among Christians in Igbo land.

Prophet Akaogu whose method of worship promotes Igbo culture and tradition, including reverence to ancestors, said that his church’s recognition of ancestral spirits was unique as spirits determine the well-being and success of family members.

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