80% Of The World Population Are Surviving With Blood Money – Universal Spiritual Leader (Prophet Ajagurajah) Advises On How To Know A Ritualist.

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So is the case with the latest revelation by leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach, Prophet Ajagurajah.

A Universal spiritual leader should know what he is talking about when it comes to matters beyond ordinary understanding

He has come forward to say what many would not think possible in their wildest imaginations, and that is that 80% of the world’s population is surviving on blood money.

Prophet Ajagurajah, known in private as Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, the leader Ajagurajah Movement, said the practice which bears different names in different localities, had become common.

Identifying it also “Sikaduro” in his local dialect in Ghana, he said 80% of the world’s population, use blood money whether intentionally or otherwise.

Prophet Ajagurajah made his assertions while fielding questions with Plus FM, a radio station in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

According to him, blood money could be obtained speaking with a ghost or any supernatural spirit for wealth.

“80% of people have used blood money, whether they knew it or not. Blood money is any money you got from talking to a ghost. The way you think about blood money, a snake should be spitting out money, but that’s not what happens,” he noted.

He also forewarns against having anything to do with some women who have tattoos designed in Chinese letters on the right side of their necks.

Such women, the spiritual leader, adds engage in the ritual.He said such women do not work legitimately to earn their income, but actually seek evil means to become wealthy.

Prophet Ajagurajah said they travel to Burkina Faso, Senegal and Cameroon for voodoo to become powerful.

“Watch out for women who have tattoos on the right side of their necks. If the writing is in Chinese, Arabic, or another language you don’t know, you should be very careful around the woman. “In Cameroon, the women now bathe in rivers,” Ajagurajah said.

He stressed “some women are interested in blood money. When a lady comes to see you and you have to go to the bathroom, show her the tissue you used, don’t throw it away. The women are now going to Senegal, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso to get blood money and command spirits. Now, a little girl can tell an old person what to do.”

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