Do you know: the wonder of nature village where people turn to stone

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The research story is based on the wonder of nature (a village where people turn to stone figure) and it remain mystery it is now 231 years somewhere in lgbominan, it is 231 years when hunter discovers 1,500 images under a palm tree.

After the two centuries and tree decades, the community is yet to believe what happen to the people.

our research story base on finding the missing puzzle why and what could turn 1,500 peoples into stone figure.


Exploring frontier of nature, mystery and culture, the untold story of the esie stone figure the community that turn to stone, our research is to find the strange evidence,where many archaeologists failed to find the true answer, till now the answer is yet to be told and the villagers and king still looking for the answer.

Why the peoples turn to stone from God Or supernatural man to turn them to Stone the question yet to be answered.

Our research on this natural wonder is to find and discover the true answer for the community and for all Nigeria and for the world.

The objective of this research on natural wonder, origin of the stones, where and why they are turned by natural powers.

The legend says that the ruler of (Esie, a Village) the (Elesie,The Ruler) ran away at the sight of the stone . After consultation of the (Ifa oracle), it was concluded that the stones were peaceful beings which could protect the protective spirit of Esie.

It was also said that the Elesie should not be allowed to view the stones after the day of this coronation. Soon villagers added the stones images to the list.

of their gods, under the name of (Ere Idol), and a priest, called Aworo, would be dedicated to serve the stones. The Aworo would not be allowed to touch the stone , he would only perform his worship rites and sacrifice by standing at the entrance of the grove.

As is expected from some of the gods, the Ere were also thought to be able to make barren woman pregnant also help the start of the rainy season when it was late.

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