Ladies, Here Are 15 Things A Man Will Do Only If He Truly Loves You

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There things a man will do only if he genuinely loves you. Women find it difficult to understand men sometimes because men do not share their emotions openly. Men’s emotion can only be noticed through their actions.

To know if your guy or husband truly loves you, please pay attention to these 15 things I’m about to mention here now. This will also help you to know your stand in your relationship.

1. He has 100 percent respect for you.

Men show respect only to the woman they love. They respect her ideas, choices, beliefs and even see things in her own perspective.

If your man does not show you some respect, there is possibility that he has no atom of love for you.

2. He listens to you

Women often accuse men of not being a good listener. However the truth remains that men are good listeners but only those they love.

3. He values and considers your advice.

A man who truly loves you always see sense in all your words. He abstains from things his woman tells him to stay away from and do only the ones she wants him to do. It is not charm it is love.

4. He fights for you.

A man who truly loves you, fights for you and sometimes fight with you. By fighting with you, I don’t mean hitting you but exchanging words with you over a little suspicious moves.

He is scared of losing you and this can lead him into being your bodyguard.

5. He will compromise

When a man loves you, he will do everything to make you happy. Even if it includes compromising his happiness for yours, he would do it.

This doesn’t make him a doormat neither should you take his love for granted.

6. He will get a little jealous

A man who loves you will get a little jealous when he sees other men around you or you stay on internet longer than you should.

Loosing a woman he loves is not an experience he wished to have. Do not give him reason to be jealous.

7. He enjoys your presence

A man who truly loves you would like to enjoy as much time with you. He can even give up on an important assignment just because he is with you.

8. He will love everything about you even your looks

Some people may think you don’t look good enough, however a man who loves you do not care how you look.

Tuface Idibia once shared his wife pictures on Instagram. One of his fellowers commented that his wife was not beautiful at all. Tuface replied to the guy, “are you her beholder?”

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. A man who loves you will also be your beholder. You don’t need to wear make up to his house, he is already impressed. He is in love with you and not your clothes nor your hairstyle.

9. He is proud of you

A man who loves you sees you as the most intelligent woman on Earth. He believes you are the best and would not hesitate to tell people how talented and great you are.

10. He keeps his promises

A man who truly cares about you will always try as much as possible to keep his words as failure might cost him his relationship.

11. He will always make you feel safe

If a man truly loves you, he will make you feel safe. He will give you both physical and emotional protection.

He will always stand up for you anytime and anywhere. Even when you are wrong, he would stand by you first and correct you when both of you are alone.

12. He will treat your family and friends with respect.

A man who truly loves you will likely love anything that related to you, including your family and friends. People who are important to you are also important to him by default.

13. He plans the future with you.

If a man loves you, he will include you in his plans for the future, asks for your opinions and incorporate it in his plans.

14. He takes care of your needs.

A man who loves you will see your needs as his responsibility. He does not care if you can solve them or not.

15. He cares about your happiness

He will take notice of little things that make you happy and tries to do them. Sometimes little gestures mean the most. A man who loves you wery well will find out that little gestures that mean the world to you.

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