5 questions to ask yourself to know if you’re a workaholic

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Workaholic: Do you always have an irresistible urge to work regardless of how exhausted you are?

If you love your work so much that you can’t differentiate between working yourself to the bone and passion for the job, you might find it difficult to take a break from the job even when you really need to have one.

Overworking yourself can take a toll on your health and break you down. This is why it is important you understand how to maintain a good work life balance.

However, if you’re not sure whether you are a workaholic or you just work a lot, here are questions you need to ask yourself to know whether you’re a passionate employee or a workhorse.

1. Does my job make me happy?

You should be able to enjoy your job even if you work overtime every time. If you go through this without grumbling about the situation it probably means you love your job.

But if you’re staying too long at work and you’re still miserable, trust me, you’re a workaholic.

2. Does work invade my personal life?

Again, if you go home thinking about work without paying attention to yourself and your family; If you can’t just take your mind off work when you’re with friends or at home; and when you begin to feel guilty about not working every time, I put it to you that you’re a workaholic.

3. Am I hoarding work and not delegating?

If you have the mentality that nobody can perform a task better than you, you’ll most likely not delegate tasks to any of your colleague even if your desk is overflowing with job tasks.

And doing it all alone won’t only reduce your productivity, it can also affect your health.

4. Am I showing a sign of burnout?

Workaholics don’t usually have time to take care of themselves. They live on junks and pay little or no attention to their health.

Overworking could lead to depression, sleep disorder and exhaustion. If your body is showing these burnout signs, you definitely need a break to take care of yourself.

5. Do I work longer than my colleagues?

It is typical of workaholic to be the first to get to work and the last to leave.

If you are so addicted to your job that you seem to enjoy working late into the night, you should raise your hand if anyone is looking for a workaholic.

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