3 Things you must fight to overcome poverty.

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Poverty: There are people who do not understand the fact that whatever you want in life, if you do not work hard on that very thing, you will not achieve it.

Obviously, on your course to overcome poverty in your life, there are certain features you must endeavour to obliterate from your life.

When you let these negative features develop in you, poverty becomes inevitable in your life.

For you to overcome poverty, you must have to work on yourself; attenuate those negative values that can ruin your chances of winning the war against poverty.

1. Laziness:

I have not seen a lazy man who is rich which is an indication that poverty and laziness are so related.

If you must overcome poverty, you must fight laziness. Make yourself active and hardworking. Laziness yields nothing but poverty and emptiness.

Laziness can deprive you of great opportunities to achieve something remarkable in your life. A lazy man dreams of something but works for nothing; in other words, he lives for nothing.

2. Extravagance:

if you are extravagant, you will be unable to save. When you do not save in the time of abundance, it will surely bounce back on you in the time of lack.

Extravagance is a negative feature which you must endeavour to get rid of in your life if you must overcome poverty.

3. Lack of visionary mindset:

what are your dreams? What is your purpose? What do you want to achieve out of your life? How can you stand up tall and become independent? These are questions you should be asking yourself if you have a visionary mindset.

Do not just relax or be dormant in life just because everything you need is within your beckon call. You should know that someday, you may not have the privilege anymore, which suggests that you have to work in order attend to your needs.

Maybe because your parents still provide for you, you think it is not yet time for you to work hard to become independent.

Time cannot wait for you, aging is inevitable, and as you grow older, your energy depreciates. Make a plan for your future and how you want your life to be. Do not live without a purpose; set a goal for yourself.

You must endeavour to fight these negative features. If you have them all, poverty is inevitable in your life.

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