Check Out Five Places Planes Are Not Allowed To Fly Over And The Reasons

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Planes are allowed to fly over several places in the world, but there are certain areas in the world where passenger planes are not allowed to fly due to several reasons and the uniqueness of the areas.

Certain areas of the planet have restrictions set up to prohibit the entry of aircrafts. These restrictions are basically due to their religious, political historical and environmental reasons.

It is also due to protection of passengers safety that is why planes will not be allowed to fly over some areas around the world.

Below are five places planes are not allowed to fly over;

1. The Holy Kaaba, Mecca

The Holy Kaaba is a sacred place where planes are not allowed to fly over because of its religious significance.

Mecca is well protected with prohibited airspace and airlines are prohibited from entering Mecca and flying over Kaaba as a mark of respect to this holy place.

This is because of the religious custom and for years no one has tried to go against it. Non-Muslims are not even permitted to travel to Mecca because it is a sacred place for Islamic faith and centre of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Muslims know this custom, but any Non-Muslim who violates this custom can face a fine and deportation.

2. Parthenon In Athens

The reason why passenger aircraft steer clear of the Parthenon in Athens is to protect the historical wwonders of the place. No aircraft are allowed to fly below 5,000 feet when above the Parthenon.

3. Chinchero Airport, Machu Picchu

Planes are not allowed to fly over Chinchero Airport, Machu Picchu in Peru due to environmental significance.

The building of Chinchero Airport is still under construction and it is highly opposed by activists and historians.

The fragile ecology and the significance of the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu is why planes are restricted there.

The danger with flying commercial aircraft over this place is that should any aircraft crash, it will damage the ecosystem of the place.

4. Walt Disney World In Florida

In 2003, a temporary ban on flying over the Disney Park was made permanent and right now, no aircraft can fly over Walt Disney World in Florida as a way of protecting customers safety.

The ban is only go passenger planes that fly within 3,000 feet and it is not a concert for commercial planes since there would be very little reason to be flying so low.

5. Downing Street In UK

The UK’s Downing Street is one of the most significant streets in the country and aeroplanes are not allowed to fly over the place because of political significance.

The Downing Street in UK is the home of the serving Prime Minister and access to this place requires special permission.

As a measure of protecting such potent political figures, aircraft are not allowed to fly directly over this street.

This no-fly zone also applies to the Houses of Parliament and the Queen’s residences at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

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