5 Countries Where Women Are Allowed To Marry More Than One Husband

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Some people think that only men have the habit of polygamy in nature, but this is not true.

There are some countries and religions that allow women to marry multiple partners or husbands.

In some countries, women are free to be polyandry, meaning marrying two or more men at the same time.

Here are 5 countries where women are allowed to marry more than one husband.

 1. India

India is a multi-tribal country and some tribes practice polyandry where women are allowed to marry more than 2 men.

In some parts of the North India region, some people live out their practice of polyandry, where women are allowed to marry more than 2 men.

Where 5 brothers married a woman named Draupadi, daughter of King Panchala. It is now a tradition in some parts of India where people practice polyandry.

 2. China.

China is another country where the practice of polyandry is widespread among Tibetans in the northern part of China.

This practice allows two brothers to marry the same woman. Most often this practice is encouraged when the family is poor and they cannot share or separate their possessions.

They tend to marry a woman so they can keep sharing things together.

 3. South America.

In South America, some tribes practiced polyandry, meaning that 70% of women in Amazonian culture are allowed to marry two brothers or multiple partners.


Although not common in Nigerian culture, there are tribes in Nigeria that allow polyandry, where a woman can marry multiple husbands.

This tribe called Irigwe lives in the northern part of Nigeria. This people practices such a culture where women marry multiple husbands.

 5. Kenya.

In 2013, Kenya witnesses a polyandry marriage where two men decided to marry the same woman they both fell in love with.

It has also been reported that there are some instances of polyandry marriages among the Kenyan population.

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