Men: Signs that may show your reproductive organs have issues

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The male reproductive organ plays a crucial role in a man’s physical and psychological well-being.

While it is often associated with virility and intercourse function, the male organ can also be a source of concern and anxiety when issues arise.

Male organ issues encompass a wide range of conditions that can affect men of all ages, from developmental abnormalities to infections, injuries, and male organ rise dysfunction.

According to Cleveland Clinic, signs that may show the male reproductive organ has issues include:

1. Presence of black and blue marks on the male organ, indicating bruising.

2. Experiencing a painful and itchy rash on the male organ.

3. Noticing blisters, warts, or small red bumps on the male organ.

4. Discovering a mass or lump on the male organ.

5. Observing a painless sore on the shaft of the male organ.

6. Experiencing a curvature or bend in the male organ.

7. Noticing yellow or green discharge from the tip of the male organ.

8. Experiencing swelling at the tip of the male organ.

Other indications of an unhealthy male organ or potential issues may include:

9. Difficulties in achieving or maintaining ale organ rise.

10. Experiencing a burning sensation when you go to the bathroom.

11. Witnessing bleeding when you go to the bathroom or when you reach intercourse peak.

12. Changes in the way intercourse peaks are experienced.

13. Feeling pain during male organ rise.

14. Experiencing pain during intercourse.

15. Feeling pain following trauma to the male organ.

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