See The 84-Year-Old Man Who Pretended To Be Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years To Avoid Talking To His Wife

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Deaf and Dumb: Every successful marriage that has gone through some challenges must recognize that a gap in conversation is a big threat to the marriage.

That was what played out in the marriage between 84-year-old Barry Dawson and his wife, Dorothy, who started well on their marital journey until it later turned sour.

According to reports, Barry Dawson never spoke a single word to his wife in their 62 years of marriage after he claimed that he was deaf and dumb.

Despite the challenges faced by the wife, she didn’t give up but only sort for better ways to make her marriage work.

She learnt how to communicate with her husband using special signs meant for the deaf and dumb people.

Unfortunately, luck ran out of Barry, when his wife saw a YouTube video of him dancing and singing during a karaoke night in a bar.

Out of anger and frustration, Dorothy filed for a divorce, where she accused her husband of emotional stress and burden and therefore demanded some financial reward for living with his deception all these years.

Lessons: Living a real and truthful life is important at any stage of life. It is pertinent to know that living a fake life will only get one into trouble when the truth is exposed.

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