For Women: 7 Rules You Should Keep To Enjoy Your Marriage

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Most women fail to enjoy their marriage because they didn’t stay true to the cores of marriage. If you want to enjoy your marriage, you need to keep to the following rules.

Here are some of the rules below;

1. Never raise your voice at your man.

For you to enjoy your marriage, you have to respect your husband and respect his decisions.

For instance, if he did something wrong, you don’t have to raise your voice at him.

All you have to do is to sit him down and correct him. Raising your voice at your man might result in conflict.

2. Don’t involve your friends in your marriage.

A lot of homes have been broken because of the advice their friends gave them.

You don’t have to tell your friends what you and your husband discussed. They might advise you wrongly, and it might destroy your marriage.

3. Never compare your man to other men.

When you compare your man to other men, it can dent his love for you in the long run. If things are not going well with him, or he is not financially stable. As a good woman, you have to encourage him and pray for him.

4. Never communicate with your man using attitude and moods.

If your man wronged you, you have to let him know that you don’t like what he did to you.

He will realize his mistakes, and apologize to you. When you start communicating with him using attitude and moods. Your man might misinterpret it.

5. You shouldn’t be wasteful.

You have to learn how to manage the resources you have very carefully. Your man will so much appreciate you, and be proud of you.

If your man is going through a tough time, and you don’t know how to manage resources. It will make him feel bad, and he might think that you are not supportive.

6. Never deny him of sex.

You should always remember that sex is very important in marriage. You shouldn’t deny your man such pleasure to hurt him or punish him.

7. Never disrespect your man before his children.

When you disrespect your husband in front of your children, they will also learn to disrespect him. It can destroy him in so many ways.

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