6 Things Men Cherish in Women Apart From a Beautiful Face

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It is a good thing to have pleasant looks and an attractive face. They might get you the man you want.

But the question is, can they keep that man you want?. Apart from a beautiful face and looks, there are other things men cherish you should also take your time to work on.

1. Personality

Your personality, the characters you exhibit, the set of behavioral patterns you possess.

All these are very vital things men look for and cherish in a woman. A negative personality isn’t something any Man wants to put up with.

It could be a pessimistic behavior, or grumpiness at every little thing. No man appreciates that and wouldn’t even look your way even if you have the most beautiful face or physique

2. Intellect

Your reasoning faculty and the ability to understand and think upright even when under pressure is highly cherished by men.

They admire a woman who thinks smartly and can profer solutions in tough situations

3. Personal Hygiene

Absolutely no man appreciates a dirty woman. Men quietly notice the way you smell, the way you dress and even the condition of the place you inhabit. They cherish a very good personal hygiene.

4. Consistency in character

A lot of men look for this in a woman. They do not want someone who self-contradicts everything she stands for or someone who is bipolar in behaviors and character.

5. Adaptability

A woman’s ability to adapt to unfavorable conditions in a home generally, is esteemed highly by every man.

Men cherish a woman who is there unshaken in their ups and downs. A woman who can make do with little and more when there is.

This distinguishing feature is arguably what is cherished the most by men.

6. Drive

Most men want to know what drives you in life. They cherish your ambitiousness.

You’re respected and appreciated if you’re a driven by a purpose and have a goal getting mindset.

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