6 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Using A Gas Cooker

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Cooking using gas is quite popular in Nigeria since it saves time, is quick, and is environmentally beneficial.

This is why so many households have made the switch from other cooking methods to gas.

Liquefied petroleum gas was the initial name for gas. Even while it has many benefits, if it is not managed appropriately, it can cause major harm.

This is why, in order to avoid a gas explosion, you must exercise extreme caution when utilizing your gas. Here are a few things you should stay away from.

1) Don’t shake your gas cylinder because it’s dangerous:

Some people use their hands to shake the gas cylinder to check its level. This is, however, extremely risky, as several studies have shown that it can result in an explosion.

Apply water to the body of the gas cylinder to check the level of gas that has been utilized.

2) Don’t play around with leaks:

If you suspect the gas cylinder is leaking, switch off the regulator right away. It is not a good idea to light a match near it since it could cause an explosion. Then, using a soap and water solution, check for leaks on the cylinder. Wherever you see bubbles, that’s where the leaks happened.

3) Do not use your phone near a gas stove:

It is critical that you do not become distracted to the point where your meal is burned.

4) When carrying gas from one location to another, make sure the cylinder is packed horizontally to avoid rolling, which could result in an explosion, especially if the gas cylinder is full.

5) Never close your window when cooking with a gas stove.

Ensure that your kitchen is well ventilated. Keep inflammable and heat-generating materials away from it as well.

6) Keep the fire extinguisher away from the kitchen:

This is vital because it will help you rapidly put out a fire if a gas explosion occurs.

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