For Parents: Here are 5 Behaviours not to Tolerate From Your Child or Children

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Without a doubt, children tend to act themselves sometimes. Acting themselves means that they might display some characters and behaviours that is typical of children their age.

This is where parenting comes in. Your ability to discipline your child when they try to misbehave, and ensure that such behaviour never repeats itself, is what makes you a disciplined parent.

Children, being what they are, learn very quickly. This is why you need to correct them promptly as soon as you notice them exhibiting any of the following behaviours:

1. Lying:

As parents, it is very easy to detect when your child is lying. But if you simply ignore it with the thought that, “he’s just a child”, the child might grow up thinking he is smart, and might overtime become a very good liar.

Anytime you know your child is lying, always let them know that you are aware, and find out the truth. Teach your child how to say the truth, and don’t lie to them either.

2. Cursing:

One place children learn to curse from is their parents. When you curse your children, or use abusive words on them, they tend to copy it and curse other people too.

But if you don’t curse them, and you happen to hear them cursing, try as much as possible to find out how they learnt it, and punish them accordingly.

Let them understand that the use of foul language is what they should never partake in.

3. Suggestive behaviours:

No doubt, you cannot be with your child all the time. But if you notice that they are becoming quite suggestive in terms of intimate behaviour with their gender or even the opposite gender, try to school them appropriately on the right way to go about dating. It is a critical phase that every parent must pass through with their child.

4. Laziness:

You see, some children tend to have a lazy approach towards life in general. When it comes to academics, they lag behind. Their social life, they act uninterested.Chores, they wait until they are told.

When you notice these traits in your child, don’t fold your hands and watch them displaying it. Interfere so that they will know it is wrong.

5. Wastefulness:

Some children tend to waste food, money, and even clothes. If you notice this trait in your child, one sure way to make them remorseful is to let them see children like them who need these things but lack them. Teach them to appreciate the little they have, as they can never tell where tomorrow will lead them to.

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