Ladies; Four Things You Should Never Do For a Man

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Being in love is good, but being wise is better. No matter how much you love a man, dear women, never ever do the following things for him;

1. Train him in school

I laugh in ‘it will end in tears.’. The worst part is if you sleep with other men to help him.

Do not invest your money training any guy o because if he hammer, he would forget you.

I haven’t heard this once or twice, I have seen it too. I pray God gives us sense sha.

2. Give him too much power

If you keep quiet and endure when a man shouts at you or hits you, you have given him power.

Sister, your name is not endurance. If you let him command you or take permission from him before you go anywhere, that is way too much power.

He is not Lord o, Jesus is our Lord and personal Saviour, not any man. Don’t lose your self worth ever.

3. Change the way you look

It’s not okay to get depressed and give in to an eating disorder because a man says you are far or to cover yourself with layers of make-up because he says you are ugly, etc.

You can lose weight for yourself, for your own good but don’t do it to please any guy o.

Don’t opt for plastic surgery because you want to look good. Be yourself.

4. Wait for his approval

This is basically giving him power. Especially if he is not your boyfriend, maintain your independence. A husband may be a different case.

5. Give up on your dreams

Don’t give up your dreams for any man. Work hard to be independent. You can do it more than you know.

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